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Hey and happy Labour Day!

Paul and I are back in the land of real people now, at home drinking  coffee in our pyjamas. We leave for Mexico in a few days but for now, we have begun the life of domestic bliss.

We wanted to take a minute out and thank you again for all your hard work  on Saturday. Every time I looked up, you had your camera in hand and were  snapping away - actually, a lot of people noticed how late you stayed and  how hard you worked. My mom thought you were wonderful as well... "Such a nice boy," I think she said... Ha ha!

Paul and I had such a great time that night and a lot of that had to do  with the fact that we were completely carefree about most of the details because we knew all the people that were a part of our day were the best -  and that group of people definitely includes you. I can't tell you how fun  and painless you made the entire experience. 

So thanks again for being the coolest photographer extraordinaire ever and we can't wait to see you again. 

 Take care for now, 
 Jen and Paul Kininmonth

September, 2004


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